Article date: 22/08/2014

We are running a research study to help us to uncover how closely related some of our Dung Beetles are across the UK. The results will help us understand more about the genetic diversity of our Dung Beetles and, ultimately, allow us to design and deliver Dung Beetle packages suited to particular locations and livestock management regimes.


We are looking for willing volunteers from across the UK to collect a small number of Dung Beetles from cattle, sheep, horse, goat alpaca (etc) dung in your area and send them to us. You will be part of a large research project and we will be sure to acknowledge your help when we publish our results. In addition, you should learn a bit about Dung Beetles along the way. It's also a great activity to do with the kids and should keep them entertained for hours!

If you think you could help us, please let us know via the Contact page and make sure to include your address. We will then send you a collection pack (which explains everything you need to do), an identification chart, Dung Beetle transport container and SAE.

Happy Dung Beetling!


This project is supported by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Sustainable Development Fund and the Welsh Government.

The project is a collaboration between Dung Beetles Direct and Professor Alfried Vogler at the Natural History Museum, London.